Our Mission Statement

We Pray! We Learn! We Achieve!

Our Philosophy

“And whatever we (you) do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” (Colossians 3:17)

We depend upon hundreds of volunteers working in close partnership to carry out our special mission. Giving time and talent helps the school provide support in areas that either would not get done at all, or would get done only by sacrificing another necessary service. School volunteering is a witness to the students as well as to your faith.

Volunteer opportunities are too numerous to list. Some volunteer categories include, but are not limited to, the following: maintenance; office help; website design and maintenance, classroom assistance; lunch aids; fundraising efforts; and many more – please call the school at 647-7551 or visit the school website at www.portlandstpats.com/school to learn how you can help.

Shamrock Newsletter Editorial Team

The Shamrock Newsletter Editorial Team is responsible for writing and mailing the Shamrock Newsletter. The newsletter is mailed two times per year (in April and October) to all members of the parish, all school alumni, and all donors to the Father Flohe Foundation.

Father Flohe Foundation

Father Flohe Foundation
  • The FFF is a 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible.
  • The FFF provides annual funding for St. Patrick School
  • Each June, the Foundation awards the Father Flohe Education Bell Award to an alumnus of St. Patrick School who in their life has exemplified the high goals and accomplishments that a graduate of St. Patrick can achieve.
  • The Foundation awards the Marie Leik Slowinski Scholarship each year to a student who demonstrates good study habits, steady improvement and hard work.
  • The Foundation provides funding for the Shamrock Newsletter.
  • Since 2003 the Foundation has hosted the 50-Year Reunion for St. Patrick graduating classes.
How to Support the Foundation
  •  Cash Contributions
  •  Life Income Gifts and Life Insurance
  •  Memorial Gifts and Bequests

Contributions can be made by various means. See the Parish web site for more details.

Athletic Association

The organization’s original duty was to raise the money necessary to operate the Shamrock athletic program, and its members have never veered from that goal. Currently the athletic budget runs over $160,000 per year, and every penny of it is raised by this group. Other than the Father Flohe Foundation, the Athletic Association is the single largest revenue-generating group in the parish.

The income for the athletic program comes from these sources:

  • The Annual Fall Festival held the second Sunday of October
  • The Shamrock Auction held the last Saturday in April (The proceeds of the auction are split 50/50 with the school.)
  • The Shamrock Sport Raffle which features four drawings each month
  • Gate/Door Income at games
  • Sale of concessions at games

Volunteers are needed for each of the above. Volunteer opportunities range from a couple of hours working Fall Festival; Donating and/or making an item for auction; to a commitment of chairing an event.

Parent/Teacher Organization

The mission of the St. Patrick Parent/Teacher Organization is to advance the welfare of the students in St. Patrick School through the coordinated efforts of parents, teachers and students, and to provide support in obtaining the necessary tools to aid in the educational and spiritual development of the students.

Why get involved? The success of the PTO is dependent upon the efforts and ingenuity of our St. Patrick family. One of our objectives is to increase volunteerism and stewardship. Wide arrays of volunteer opportunities are available. Parent participation is necessary to reach our goals. You can choose your level of involvement and area of interest. Together we can make a measurable difference for our school. Join our team to help make our group even stronger!

School Board

The school board serves as an advisory board to the school administrators and pastor. The activities of the school board include strategic planning, formulation and evaluation of school policies, as well as oversight of financial operations and mission effectiveness.